Beautiful beaded sun catchers to reflect the light and sparkle, handmade by Love Gorgeous shop owner Gabi Innocent.

Gemstone Dragonfly Suncatcher - Dragon Vein Agate

A beautiful one-of-a-kind dragonfly suncatcher made with earth tone coloured gemstones, crystals, alloy beads and beadcaps.Handmade by shop owner Gabi Innocent.The main body of this dragonfly is dragon vein agate, reputed to have healing and cleansing properties. It balances the opposite energies of yin and yang, transforming and eliminating negative energy.  Symbolising the power of the dragons, the stone is said to possess many other healing properties, bring out boldness and self confidence, help bring out natural skills and talents and is a symbol of luck. With the dragonfly signifying transformation and new beginnings and dragon vein agate also said to be a stone to get you out of stagnant periods the two make a powerful combination.