Beaded Jewel Spider - Niklas

Beaded Jewel Spider - Niklas

Beaded spider handmade by Love Gorgeous owner Gabi Innocent. Each of these pretty little spiders is a one-off. Spiders are considered lucky, with many people having a strong affinity with them, and even thought to have been the inspiration for tinsel decoration for Christmas, courtesy of the legend of the Christmas spider. 

I named this spider after St Nicholas, celebrated on the 6th December, as the colours remind me so much of the Christmas period. This beautiful spider features an opulent, richly coloured Klimt inspired mosaic gold millefoile Murano glass lampwork bead for the body. Murano glass is prized throughout the world for its craftmanship and rich, vibrant colours. The head features a rich red semi opaque crystal bead atop an antique gold beadcap. The legs are a colourful array of vibrant red and gold seed and bugle beads, plus electroplated AB hematite beads. 

Although named after a Christmas period saint, the opulent reds and golds are also colours of love and he would also make a lovely Valentine's gift for the spider lover in your life. He can come accompanied by my poem below, symbolising the love between two people and a good luck charm for their relationship.

The Valentine’s Spider

The love spider has us trapped in its web
the more we wriggle, the deeper we get.
Resistance is futile, love can’t be fought
two hearts together as one it brought.
Gossamer strands have bound us tight
invisible glue through dark and light.
Cocooned in spider love and care
our happiness no harm shall fare.

Spiders made using Murano glass beads are more expensive as the cost of the beads is higher due to the luxury materials used and high quality craftmanship.

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