Beaded Jewel Spider - Leonardo

Beaded Jewel Spider - Leonardo

Beaded spider handmade by Love Gorgeous owner Gabi Innocent. Each of these pretty little spiders is a one-off. They make lovely unusual Christmas decorations and are a great gift for arachnophiles, or prank gifts for arachnophobes.

Spiders are considered lucky and even thought to have been the inspiration for tinsel decoration for Christmas, courtesy of the legend of the Christmas spider. Spiders can come with a little card explaining the story of the Christmas spider, interpreted in my poem below.

This beautiful spider, named after Leonardo da Vinci features an opulent, richly coloured Klimt inspired mosaic gold millefoile Murano glass lampwork bead for the body and blue gold foil Murano glass bead for the head atop an antique gold coloured bead cap. Murano glass is prized throughout the world for its craftmanship and rich, vibrant colours. Head and body are separated by a vibrant blue sparkly crystal rondelle. Legs feature iridescent electroplated hematite plus blue and gold glass beads

Spiders made using Murano glass beads are more expensive as the cost of the beads is higher due to the luxury materials used and high quality craftmanship.

The Legend of f the Christmas Spider

Once upon a time at Christmas...

A poor family down on their knees

Went to the forest to cut one of its trees

With no money for decorations to spare

The tree would sadly have to stay looking bare

But a little spider had hitched a ride

And tried his best to stay out of sight

When up went the tree the spider began

spinning a web, back and forth he ran

Come morn the sun made the silken strands shine

Shimmering in shades of Silver and Gold oh so fine

The family on waking looked on in awe

Not believing what their weary eyes saw

They felt oh so blessed and realisation struck

From then on they would only have good luck

©️ Gabi Innocent

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