Beaded Jewel Spider - Dinky Harlequin

Beaded Jewel Spider - Dinky Harlequin

Beaded spider handmade by Love Gorgeous owner Gabi Innocent. Each of these pretty little spiders is a one-off. Spiders are considered lucky and even thought to have been the inspiration for tinsel decoration for Christmas, courtesy of the legend of the Christmas spider. 

The Valentine's spider is a special spider symbolising the love between two people and a good luck charm for their relationship. My original poem can accompany your Valentine' spider on gifting it to your loved one.

The Valentine’s Spider

The love spider has us trapped in its web
the more we wriggle, the deeper we get.
Resistance is futile, love can’t be fought
two hearts together as one it brought.
Gossamer strands have bound us tight
invisible glue through dark and light.
Cocooned in spider love and care
our happiness no harm shall fare.

Although Harlequin is not strictly a Valentine's spider as the body is not heart shaped, he could perhaps still be a gift for a loved one at Valentine's and can come complete with the above poem.

Dinky Harlequin is a fun quirky little spider with millefiori goldstone body, Cinquant Stone head and multicoloured glass bead legs.

Please note this is a decoration / collector’s item, NOT A TOY. Please keep out of reach of young children due to small parts and choking risk.

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